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If you were to combine talent with experience, enthusiasm with
dreams, and most of all, family with guidance, the result would
be GENERATIONS.  This exciting new program focuses on the inner
workings  of celebrity families.  No matter the field, (I.e.
sports, politics,  performing arts, executive positions) we bring
the viewers into a close personal kind of “real-life documentary.”

The big names  will have an opportunity to present how up with an
already established icon effected their career.  We anticipate
stories of perseverance and inspiration but are prepared for the
occasional report of discouragement and strain it may have had.  
It is not our story, but theirs.

The program will be hosted by a seasoned celebrity.  His/Her
responsibility is to inform the viewer who will be featured
during the program, and to provide a brief synopsis at the end of
the show.

The guests will be encouraged to speak without reservation, while
maintaining honesty and sensibility.  Our intent is not to expose
the skeletons in our celebrity’s closet,  there are already
enough programs that provide that service.  What makes this show
unique is that the story we provide will be straight from the
source.  Not an ounce of “creative journalism.”  All information
will be approved by at least one participant.


GENERATIONS opens with our host announcing the family that will
be sharing their story.  Next, we will bring the audience inside
the elder celebrity’s home, where  he/she will explain what
effected their career.  Who encouraged them?  Who discouraged
them?  How were they discovered?  During this period, coinciding
images of them will be shown as necessary.

After we have an understanding of the elder generation, we switch
our focus to the younger celebrity.  Now we cover how the more
seasoned relative may have influenced their younger generation.  

After providing the insight from the past, status of the present,
and what the future may hold for both generations, it is time to
close the show.  Returning to our programs revered host, the
stories shared will be summarized and compared.

The energy and intoxicating content of this true-to-life
documentation will draw both celebrities and general audiences to
their couch.  Our mission is to provide appreciation for family
relationships, by showing the strength and ability it gave our
guests to achieve their most impossible dream.
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